Plastic packaging

Our UPnovations for

Plastic packaging

Dupatech is responsible for UPnovations and support regarding equipment for extrusion, thermoforming and printing of plastic packaging.

6 To 8 colour printing machine (6TO8)

Upgrading from a regular six colour to an eight colour cup printing machine increases resolution and produces finer details. This upgrade also ensures smoother gradient transitions, produces vivid and crisp colours and reduces graininess in the picture.

Printer Control System (PCS)

Electrical and Printer Control System upgrades will enhance and lengthen the durability of printing machinery.  This innovative way of upgrading machinery can be implemented to printers from all brands.

White Base Printing (WBP)

Results in more detailed and vivid images.

Curing On Mandrel (COM)

Dupatech converts off-line printing equipment into modern-time UV Curing On Mandrel (COM) machinery. This highly compact, economical COM machine will save the customer a lot of time, energy and effort.