Veldkamp provides technical services for the packaging industry. Together with their team of highly motivated technical specialists, they offer mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, technical inspections, maintenance, upgrades, overhauls and error reductions. Veldkamp is the initiator of DPG and is responsible for launching innovations.


Cazander is a supplier throughout the world for quality used canmaking and decorating equipment for the steel and aluminum packaging industry. The Cazander Brothers have been active in this niche market since 1996 and their customer base is still expanding. By now already over 500 companies in 90 countries worldwide have either bought quality used canmaking machinery from Cazander or sold used equipment to Cazander.
Cazander is participating in DPG for innovations regarding coating and printing lines for tinplate and aluminum sheets.


Langeveld is a single source provider of Gable Top Filling machinery. In addition to having extensive experience in the industry as well as a range of machinery in stock, Langeveld offers a one-stop-shopping model. As such their capabilities range from engineering, manufacturing, installation and service to 24/7 support.


Dupatech is a worldwide supplier of new and re-manufactured machinery for plastic packaging and printing. With a lot of expertise and years of experience in this business, Dupatech provides equipment with a personal twist. All their team members originate from this industry and are eager to share their professional know-how with the customer.